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Dirt bikes

As their name indicates, dirt bikes are destined for this sort of practice: Endurance.  The bikes are similar to Motocross bikes, a very similar style of motorcycle, but these dirt bikes are equipped with a standardization that allows them to take to the road.

On top of this difference, there are others who say that dirt bikes are not the same as Motocross bikes.  For example, dirt bikes have a more flexible suspension than Motocross bikes, because they need a greater grip. 

Dirt Bikes photos Dirt Bikes

Furthermore, they have a less powerful and more connected engine because they must be capable of handling whatever obstacle with ease and optimum handling.  The gear shift is also moved or placed differently.  Dirt bikes usually have either a 125 to 30cc, single cylinder, two-stroke engine or a 250 to 650cc, single cylinder, four-stroke engine.     

There are some very noteworthy dirt bike competitions.  Following this we will briefly show you one of them:

  • The world championship that takes place in GP format.
  • The ISDE (International Six Days of Enduro).  A competition lasting one week, made up of national teams.
  • National Championships.  To name a few: Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, etc.
  • The trials known as the "classics," where many participants come from different modalities.